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Mirakl acquires Octobat to simplify invoice compliance for online marketplaces globally

Direct integration magic

Get your tax work done without a single line of code

Your GoCardless payment activity syncs automatically with Octobat to create all necessary legal documents such as invoices and VAT collection reports.
Accounting is finally made simple for international businesses.

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Turn payments into a competitive advantage

Direct Debit for the digital age

A cutting-edge online Direct Debit solution that's simple to setup, manage and use.

Keep a step ahead of churn

Re-tries, refunds and subscriptions: automate processes and configure logic around your needs.

Collect payments accross Europe

Real-time notifications of failed or cancelled payments enable swift issue resolution.

Create advanced payment flows

We process Direct Debit payments for Bacs, SEPA and Autogiro through a single integration.

VAT compliance for international digital businesses

Octobat's VAT calculation makes sure you sell at the right tax rate for each customer, based on his country of residence.
Octobat’s billing process enables tax compliant sales in Europe.

Our solution automatically calculates tax during the sales flow, and works for both standard sales and digital services (VAT MOSS).

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Automatic invoicing solution

The Octobat invoicing solution enables you to customize invoices and emails. Invoices are numbered according to your desired sequencing number and automatically send to your customers in PDF format.
Manual invoicing is possible and gives you flexibility in your billing process.
Octobat's data storage will keep all invoices for a 10 year period.

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Reports and accounting on autopilot

Retrieve your sales tax collection reports with one easy click!
Octobat provides you with the necessary reports (VAT MOSS/country VAT collection), ready to import into your accounting software or provide to your accountant.

No struggling anymore with your sales tax collection reports

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