Automated tax-compliance and
billing for digital businesses

Zero-setup integration with:Stripe+Gocardless

Sell at the right tax rate.
Send compliant receipts and invoices.

Real-time VAT/GST/Sales tax calculation

Octobat accurately identify international tax laws that apply for every given online transaction your business makes.
VAT/GST/Sales tax can be calculated at checkout time, or after the payment as well, ensuring a multi-regional tax compliance.

Automatic invoices delivery

Whether you're creating an ecommerce store, a SaaS application or a marketplace, synchronize data from payment providers, and automate PDF tax invoices delivery whenever your customer is charged.
Octobat invoices are strictly compliant with local and international laws, especially the 2015 Digital EU VAT rules.

Powerful reports

Reports from Octobat include real-time and consolidated revenue, tax calculation splitting, and can be easily synced with your accounting solution. Compliant tax returns are detailed, making filling your tax reports an easy task (Local VAT, EU-VIES, VATMOSS, GST...).

What can my business expect from Octobat?

Octobat brings global tax compliance and easier cross-border customer billing relationships. Automated tax compliance means More Revenue & More Time for your business.

Tax Compliance and calculation

Octobat enables you to charge all of your customers the same price, but then add on the correct VAT rate depending upon their country. This will lead to boost your revenue by managing your margin.

Real time reporting

Octobat provides legal documents and reports by synchronizing data in real-time with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or Octobat's powerful API.

Invoicing and accounting automation

Repetitive tasks, such as invoicing and report filling, are automated; not only saving time, but also helping to make reports mistake free!

Your app billing infrastructure

Upgrade your customer billing relation management to the next level. Build your hosted billing page, automate invoicing, and locate customers/invoices easily in Octobat.

Sync your payment gateway or ecommerce platform transactions

Enjoy a full zero-setup workflow

Octobat ensures full tax and billing compliance by syncing payments data to its tax calculation, PDF documents and reports systems.

Apply the right tax rate at checkout, split amounts between revenue and tax from received payments, send tax receipts and invoices automatically, save hours of accounting and comply with international laws using actionnable revenue and tax reports.

No code, no typing required! Take advantage of a direct integration!

const octobat = require('octobat')('oc_test_skey_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2');

// Calculate tax rate for a transaction.
const tax_calculation = await octobat.tax_evidences.create({
  supplier_billing_country:       'GB',
  customer_billing_country:       'FR',
  customer_business_type:         'B2C',
  customer_ip_address:            '',
  customer_payment_source_type:   'credit card',
  customer_payment_source_prefix: '497304',
  transaction_date:               '2017-05-09',
  transaction_type:               'eservice'

Powerful APIs for a fast self-made setup

Billing and compliance in minutes. Not weeks.

We believe that selling worldwide should not be complex.
That tax declarations should not waste your precious time.
That customer billing management should be as smooth as possible.

That's why we are obsessed with providing you standardized, elegant and flexible solutions with easy integration!
Using our standalone API guarantees that Octobat will be up and running in just a few minutes.

Why our customers love us

Save time. Save money. Master your billing tax compliance!