Tax calculation, invoicing and reporting for Stripe payments

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Automate instant VAT/GST/sales tax calculation at checkout, issue compliant tax invoices, and generate ready-to-file tax reports with a single click. Octobat gets you covered with your tax requirements.

Mirakl acquires Octobat to simplify invoice compliance for online marketplaces globally

Beanie hosted checkout page

A secure and dynamic hosted payment page that you can use to accept both one-off and recurring payments, with real-time tax calculation during the checkout and in the frontend. Beanie makes Stripe accessible for non-developers and keeps tax calculation on top of your payment flow.

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Direct Stripe Integration

Easily and quickly sync your Stripe and Octobat accounts with just one click. Automatically add tax rates into your Stripe transactions "behind the scenes" based on precise geolocation. The perfect solution for existing business systems using a tax-inclusive billing model.

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Octobat RESTful API

A robust and versatile API built for developers that allows any financial system to benefit from Octobat's precise tax calculations engine. This is the perfect match for a tax-exclusive billing model and businesses willing to deploy a full and complex integration with existing systems (checkout page, EPR, accounting software and more).

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