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Cleverly serve your teams with the tools and services that ensure tax compliance and bring happiness to customer - so they can be focused on thriving the business.

Mirakl acquires Octobat to simplify invoice compliance for online marketplaces globally

Improve customer support

Leave the help-desks behind. Let your customers access their billing history and download invoices with one click. Let them know about their account receivable position and what they owe to your company in a single view.

Anticipate tax registrations

Tax registration thresholds differ from country to country and it’s often necessary to be VAT, GST or Sales Tax registered in order to comply with tax office requirements - Don’t bury your head in the sand! Octobat enables you monitor tax registration thresholds and notifies your teams whenever you meet a th you’re likely to register in the country you’re selling into so that you will improve your operations efficiency.

Track turnover thresholds by country and tax region. Know when you need to register for VAT, GST and Sales Tax. Mold the strategy of your company and avoid non-compliance.

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