Live & Test modes

What is to do to configure Octobat before going Live?

Before going Live you will be requested to confirm all of this section to make sure Octobat can do the job right for you:
  • Tax settings → If you collect tax, do you want Octobat to calculate the VAT or if it is a specific tax rate.
  • Tax collections → If you collect tax, you will need to tell us where and configure the different areas of the world where you collect.
  • Checkouts → If you want to collect payments and calculate tax via Octobat checkouts, you will need to configure them and install them on your site/app.
  • Billing information → billing information is not only important for us to know if we should charge you tax, but also for your business information to correctly appear on the invoices you send to your customers.
  • Documents templates → you are able to customize the invoice template to better fit your design and wishes.
  • Invoice numbering sequences → you will have to configure the numbering of your invoices, such as INVOICE-2017-01-XXX.
  • Credit notes numbering sequences → exactly the same as the invoice numbering sequence, you will have to configure the numbering of your credit notes, such as CREDIT_NOTES-2017-01-XXX.
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