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What are the different sections of Octobat app?

The following sections will help you understand what you can do in Octobat and the mean of every section.


This section will give you a complete picture of all your customers,. If you want to manually invoice one of them, you must first add them as a customer by clicking “add a customer” and then creating an invoice.


In the “Transactions” view you can view all transactions facilitated via your payment provider or manually entered by you.


All your invoices and credit notes will appear here. It includes both automatically created invoices and those you created manually.


The “Reports” section shows you up-to-date tax collection for the selected period according to the different areas of the world.


You are able to download documents (invoices & credit notes), and csv files for all tax collections for use by you and your accountant.


The configuration section is used to set up Octobat, create standardized emails to be sent automatically, and create a standardized checkout flow to collect the correct taxes before payment.


The developer section is where you get your API keys for test and live mode, and webhooks.