Sell internationally, comply locally

Octobat sales tax calculation systems ensure you comply with both local and international tax laws, whatever and wherever you're selling online.

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Selling at the right tax rate made simple

No more headaches with tax rates! Octobat sales tax calculation ensures a full rate monitoring for your business and allows you to sell at the right tax for every transaction.

The complexity of local and international sales tax laws is based on international legislation (VAT MOSS, local VAT, GST, sales tax...), type of buyer (end-consumer or business) and category of product (physical, e-books, digital goods).

Octobat synchronizes your payment data, retrieving it from your payment provider or in real time at checkout, allowing for tax exclusive/inclusive pricing models - all ensuring you always apply the right tax rate.

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Comply with EU VAT rules

Learn how Octobat helps your business comply with the EU VAT rules for digital services. EU VAT handling provides customer’s location validation, VAT number validation services, full VAT rates monitoring, local compliant invoices, and actionable VAT reports.

Taxable items

Audit-friendly compliance

Octobat generates tax settlement reports for each region where you collect sales tax, using automated currency conversion for filing.

Every transaction is analyzed to extract the required pieces of evidence to identify the governing tax laws that apply, such as customer's VAT number, billing country, or purchase IP address.

Evidence is stored for a 10-year period and directly accessible in the application, ready at any time in case of audit.

Seamless integration at checkout

Octobat is providing your business different ways to solve tax collection issues in minutes.


Our embeddable Checkout form is ready to integrate in your website or app, and will let you charge customers at the right tax rate in just a few minutes, for one-time charges as well as recurring subscriptions.

Built-in forms

Octobat built-in forms are an easy and customizable way to implement your tax pricing strategy. They give all the flexibility you need to display the right extratax and tax amounts your customer will pay at checkout time.
Octobat built-in forms include instant tax rate calculation, pricing updates based on customer's location and type (end-consumer or VAT-registered business).

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Sync your transactions

Direct payment providers integration

Once synced to your preferred payment provider, Octobat fetches customer location data to identify the local and international laws that apply, every time you charge a customer
Calculating the transaction's tax rate, we are able to split collected revenue and tax from the charged amount.

A world-class API

If you require full control of both checkout and accounting flows, our RESTful API gives you all the tools you need to ensure your business a reliable sales tax calculation and a complete international tax legislation compliance.

Save time. Save money. Master your billing tax compliance!