Italy's e-invoicing solution made simple

Issue XML invoices, add an electronic signature, and communicate with the Sistema di Interscambio with just a click

Mirakl acquires Octobat to simplify invoice compliance for online marketplaces globally

Simple and straightforward

A ready-to-use service that will issue, verify and sign all your invoices - automatically

PSP integration

Integrate with your payment provider, not the public administration

Automate the e-invoice generation by directly and seamless integrating with Stripe, Paypal and more. Use Octobat and avoid headaches related to the tedious implementation of communications channels with the Sistema di Interscambio.

Secured and reliable

User-friendly and ready for fast-growing businesses

  • Format compliance

    XML under FatturaPA exigence

  • Electronically Signed

    AGID compliant

  • Ensure the communication

    SdI real-time submission

  • Massive processing

    Robust API for high-speed response

Octobat values
Customer billing

Keep your style and empower your customer billing experience

Impress your customers with your good-looking style. Complete a great payment experience with a friendly billing page.


Give to your invoices and credit notes the look and feel you need - keep your graphical identity and meet compliance requirements.


Don't waste any more time dealing with customer requests for their invoices and credit notes - Add a billing history section to your website/app so they can download their past invoices and credit notes whenever they want. Help them update their billing information and remain compliant.