Actionable tax and revenue reports

Know what your real revenue is. Benefit from an end-to-end international and local compliance. Don't miss any deadline when it comes to sales tax / VAT filing and payment.

Vat return due

Returns for an end-to-end sales tax/VAT compliance

Octobat solves the tedious process of calculating amounts due in every region that you collect tax in, by automating the generation of powerful and accurate reports, made for immediate use when you need to file sales tax / VAT returns.

Octobat returns reduce calculation errors, and ensure the right amount is declared to the right tax authority at the right time.

Octobat direct integrations, API and dashboard features enable a real-time synchronization between your transactions and your sales tax / VAT returns.

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Octobat moss return

Powerful VAT MOSS handling for easy selling in EU

Octobat provides EU tax reports adapted to your sales.

Quarterly VAT MOSS reports are automatically created when you collect VAT on digital goods sales, enabling EU compliance and easy VAT declaration and filing. Octobat also handles accurate conversion of foreign currencies.

Domestic VAT and VIES (B2B EU cross-border sales) are also generated and exportable on a monthly basis.

Actionable revenue/tax splitting dashboard

Octobat generated sales tax / VAT returns ensure your accountant the easiest revenue and tax filing and make sure no mistakes are made in your declaration. Octobat notifies you when filing is required, so you reduce the risk of late or inaccurate payments.

Easily access your ongoing, due and past reports online at anytime and learn more about your tax collection status in a specific dashboard, or export your data in one click for your accountant or in any financial application.

Tax returns

Save time. Save money. Master your billing tax compliance!