The tools you need to build
your billing infrastructure

Don't let tax rates, invoices or receipts become a mess! Octobat gives you every tool you need to build a scalable and elegant way to handle your customer's billing relationships.

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Your app billing section in minutes

Don't waste any more time dealing with customer requests for their invoices/receipts! Add a billing history section to your website/app so they can download their past invoices/receipts whenever they want. Help them update their billing information to stay compliant.

Octobat-generated billing sections include recurring payments and one-time charges synced from your payment providers, as well as manual invoices.

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Set up the most accurate pricing model for your service

Tired of sacrificing your margin to sales tax? Octobat provides all the features you need to set up an accurate pricing structure for your products and services sold online.

Calculate tax rates on-the-run with our APIs, deliver a streamlined checkout experience with our built-in forms, easily calculate your revenue and taxes from the charged amounts.

Monitor customer billing updates

A customer updates their location? They become VAT-registered? No worries! Octobat tracks every significant billing data change to apply the resulting tax updates.

Synchronization with payment providers enables adjustments to the billing cycle so it always stays up to date.

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Save time. Save money. Master your billing tax compliance!