Sync your Dropbox with Octobat - Integration guide via Zapier

The synchronizing of your Dropbox with Octobat lets you share with your accountant some documents such as tax returns, PDF invoices, CSV exports of sales...

Backups, without the hassle..............

In this guide:


You must have:

  • an Octobat account
  • a Dropbox account
  • a Zapier account

Make a Zap

  • 1- Choose a trigger app

    1 choose a trigger app
  • 2- Select Octobat trigger

    2 select octobat trigger
  • 3- Select Octobat account

    3 select octobat account
  • 4- Test the Octobat trigger

    4 test octobat trigger
  • 5- Review the data sending by Octobat

    5 review the data sending by octobat
  • 6- Choose an action app

    6 choose an action app
  • 7- Select Dropbox action

    7 select dropbox action
  • 8- Select Dropbox account

    8 select dropbox account
  • 9- Setup Dropbox upload file

    9 setup dropbox upload file

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