Sync your Clickfunnels account with Octobat - Integration guide via Zapier

The synchronization of your Clickfunnels account with Octobat lets you generate and send tax invoices automatically to your clients and export accounting data for your accountant or accounting software. br For each Clickfunnels purchase, Octobat is able to calculate the correct VAT/GST/Sales tax and to display it on the invoice.

In this guide:


You must have:

  • an Octobat account
  • a Clickfunnels account
  • a Zapier account

Make a Zap

  1. Choose a Trigger App

    First of all, Octobat provides 2 different environments to ease your integration. Here are the links to access to these environments:

    After clicking on one of these 2 links, you are on the Zap editor page.
    Then, choose Clickfunnels as your Trigger App.

  2. Select a Clickfunnels Trigger

    Select "New Successful Purchase". br So, each time you have a successful Purchase, it will trigger the workflow. br Then, click "Save + Continue".

  3. Connect your Clickfunnels Account

    Click on "Connect an Account". br Then, into the popup window, enter your Clickfunnels login.

    You can test your Clickfunnels Account... br Click "Save + Continue".

  4. Funnel Options

    Choose your Funnel and your Funnel Step to watch. br Click "Continue".

    Then, test your Trigger with your data. In order to test, you have to fake a funnel purchase and watch the data retrieved. br Be careful, you have to pull correct data to setup the Zap well.

  5. Add a step & Choose Octobat as Action App

  6. Select the Octobat Action

    Choose "Create Invoice" for example if you want to generate an invoice each time you have a purchase.

  7. Choose your Octobat Account

    Click on "Connect an Account". A window opens like the screenshot below. You have to enter your Octobat logins.

    Then, test your Octobat connection. When your test is successful, you can click on "Save + Continue"

  8. Last step: Edit Template

    Fill the template's fields like in the screenshot below. br Be careful, the "Livemode" field has to be filled depending on the Octobat environment you've choosen at the first step. br Also, for the "Event ID" field, type "cf_" and select the "ID" Clickfunnels source without space between.

Need help?

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