Stripe integration guide

Stripe allows you to collect credit card payments for recurring or one-time payments.
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Integrating Octobat

There are two ways to implement Stripe + Octobat to your app/website. You can use our built-in forms, or rely on your own Stripe implementation and our direct integration.

  • Octobat built-in forms are the easiest billing flow. Using them, you don't have to worry about developing a Stripe implementation to collect payments, and you benefit from Octobat's automation expertise to generate and send invoices/tax receipts without any effort.

  • If you already have set up your Stripe implementation, or prefer to make it on your own, you still can have access to Octobat's billing and invoicing features. Thanks to Stripe connect and direct Octobat integration, we will retrieve your payments and subscriptions data, and automatically generate and send the corresponding invoices/tax receipts on-the-go.

Octobat built-in forms documentation: Checkout and custom form

Don't waste time developing a backend, we make Stripe API calls on your behalf.
Collect money, be worldwide tax-compliant and automatically deliver tax receipts and invoices in minutes.
  • Checkout is the easiest way to setup your billing workflow. You benefit from our all-integrated backend and frontend component to have a whole Stripe + Octobat implementation in a single line of code.

  • You need to build your custom form? You require additional fields, or you want to integrate the form in a specific flow, but you don't want to or cannot integrate server-side Stripe API Calls? octobat-form.js is made for you!

Using your own Stripe implementation

Need more customization? Don't want to change your Stripe setup?
Octobat's Stripe direct integration enables effortless automatic tax calculation and invoicing.

Need help?

We’re always happy to help out with code or any other questions you might have. Please drop us a line to