Checkout is the best billing flow on web and mobile. It is also the easiest way to integrate Octobat which enables you to calculate taxes automatically, collect payments and to make Stripe API calls.


Configuration Options


data-octobat-pkeyYour Octobat publishable key. You can find it in your Octobat account within the "Developers / API keys" part.
(only for subscriptions)
Your Stripe plan id available in your Stripe account.
(only for one-time charges)
Your charge data encoded thanks to JWT.

Highly recommended

AttributesDescriptionDefault value
data-billing-addressDisplay inputs about billing address (Street, Zip, City) within the Checkout.false
data-taxesIncluded or excluded tax.excluded

(you need it if you have EU clients)
Determine your customer country thanks to his card credit and his IP address.true

(you need it if you have EU clients)
Accepted values: 'true', 'false', 'format'.
If 'true', check your customer tax number thanks to the service. If no response within the first 7 seconds, check the format.
Else if 'format', check only the tax number format.


AttributesDescriptionDefault value
data-transaction-typeSpecify the transaction type (eservice, ebook or standard).eservice
data-supplier-nameYour business name that will display on the top of your Checkout. 
data-descriptionYour product description that will appear on the top of your Checkout. 
data-labelButton label."Pay with card"
data-detailed-panelTransaction summary. Display Subtotal, total, taxes and coupons details.false
data-imageLogo URL. 
data-couponStripe coupons id (for subscriptions) andcoupons id (for one-time charges).false
data-octobat-checkout-idYour Octobat checkout id. To apply your Checkout customization. You can find it within youraccount (ex:"oc_ck_14491025137ye7a0a2260d"). 

Prefill fields

data-nameYour customer name.
data-emailYour customer email.
data-countryYour customer country.
data-zip-codeYour customer zip code.
data-street-line-1Your customer street line.
data-cityYour customer city.