Beanie Overview

Beanie is the simplest and the quickest way to receive online payments, powered by Stripe's technology and Octobat's tax calculation expertise.

Beanie is a secure and dynamic hosted payment page you can use to accept both one-off and recurring payments, with dynamic sales tax calculation embeded, and provides the technology to distribute it through your app, website, or for direct sales using payment links, emails, WhatsApp, SMS, at a reasonable cost.

Think of Stripe Checkout with built-in tax management, coupon support, and automatic distribution through payment links.

Beanie desktop UI/UX

Try Now

You can see a demo of Beanie by clicking the "Preview Beanie" button below. This Beanie instance relies on Stripe Testmode to collect payments, so you can try any of Stripe’s test card numbers  with any three-digit CVC code and an expiration date in the future:

  • Default french Card:4000 0025 0000 0003
  • 3D Secure authentication required:4000 0000 0000 3220

Getting started

To get started with Beanie, choose your preferred implementation case:

Want to build a custom payments experience? Use Octobat Elements, the JS library that powers Beanie hosted page. It will help you to provide dynamic tax calculation on your own UI components.